My political espionage spy thriller series will be published here chapter-by-chapter.

It’s 2020. The Cold War has long been forgotten. Today, there’s a growing threat to the U.S., but this time it resides in the East.

Everything changes in the West the day China and Russia announce to the world that they have united to form the Trans-Asia Pact, or TAP. By combining their strengths under the TAP banner, the two nations have formed a challenge to Western dominance. TAP clearly represents a major shift away from American global leadership, and the greatest threat to the U.S. and other democracies since Nazi Germany, Italy and Imperial Japan formed the Axis military alliance during the Second World War.

In my novel–Duplicitous–the world is inhabited by spies, moles, double-agents, military intelligence officers and the political leaders they serve. Duplicitous is the tale of China’s economic miracle, as the world’s most populous nation surpasses America to become the most powerful economy on the planet. Leveraging its unmatched economic power, China expands its military industrial base by convincing oil and gas-rich Russia to form TAP. The shifting tensions and global conflicts between East and West forms the backdrop for a deadly career-long conflict between two brilliant, but very different individuals. One is Gavrill Antonovich, a lonely, bitter damaged Russian driven by vengeance and deceit, who becomes a mysterious double-agent serving both the GRU and China’s MSS–known only as “Dunkirk.” The other is Rachel Meyers, a brilliant West Point graduate who becomes a senior Defense Intelligence Agency officer rising to the rank of Brigadier General. For nearly thirty years the two warriors repeatedly cross paths as they duel while matching wits. Antonovich is intent on damaging the U.S., NATO, and any other government that gets in his way, including his own. Meanwhile, Meyers is determined to blunt his every effort, as she attempts to track down, and eventually unmask Dunkirk.

I hope you enjoy these characters and their story which takes place in Afghanistan, Russia, London, Washington DC, Belgium, Germany, South Korea, India, Hong Kong and China. Duplicitous is the first book in a series. Check back for new installments. And by all means share with your friends.

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Dan Carazo

In the covert world of global espionage, is anything truly secure from prying eyes?

Duplicitous, my political espionage thriller will be published here chapter-by-chapter.

My novel Duplicitous immerses the reader in the murky world inhabited by spies and the intelligence officers who try to blunt them. This tale is meant for readers interested in today’s shifting global politics, challenges to American and Western power, and those eager to understand how China’s economic miracle may lead to future military conflict with the West.

Duplicitous brings together a deadly career-long conflict between two brilliant, but very contrasting individuals. Gavrill Antonovich, a damaged GRU agent living in London, is so driven by vengeance toward Moscow that he becomes a double-agent for China’s MSS. Over many years, the brilliant Russian causes havoc for Rachel Meyers, the dedicated West Point-educated military intelligence officer who is determined to stop him.

Late in their careers, and locked on a final collision course, Rachel and Gavrill find themselves at the center of what threatens to become a global conflict between East and West.

I hope you enjoy reading about these characters and their story which encompasses over four decades. Check back for new installments. And by all means share with your friends.

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Dan Carazo